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The Institute of Brand Management of Nigeria (IBMN)


The Institute of Brand Management of Nigeria (IBMN) is a Professional Membership Organisation for Brand Management and Branding experts. Since its inception in 2007, the Institute has been at the forefront of developing Brand Management and Branding as Profession in the country assisting Executives and their organization to improve their performance and achieve success through Knowledge, Education and Professional Development. This, the Institute has done over the years through its high impact Seminar, Conferences, Event Open Course and Programme.


To be a world class international profession, a Pan African best practice in Brand Management and Branding and a key player in position Nigeria and Africa for Leadership in Global Economy.


To advance and promote knowledge and skill in the practice of Brand Management and Branding as a profession, through research, Publication, Training, Education, Certification Events, Induction and regulation and key player in positioning Nigeria and Africa for Leadership in Global Economy


*The recognizes two channels of become a member  *Through professional training programme.


FELLOW MEMBER: To be fellow one must fulfill the conditions for registration for full membership. In addition, one must have been in continuous active
brand management practices for 7 years and you need to show that you have made significant contribute to the practice of brand management and
branding your organization.

FULL MEMBER: One can become a full member if one meets the requirement for associate membership and must attend at least 3 course units of
continuous professional development programme. In addition, you must not have less than 4 years relevant brand management experience before qualifying
to apply for up grading too full membership status.

Anyone above the age of 21 who possesses the professional diploma of the institute or training required in brand management and branding either through
 graduate membership programme, workshops, seminars and conferences.


The institute was established to perform the following functions: To raise the stature of brand management as profession and determine who are brand
management practitioner. Create a forum for exchange of ideals and information among brand managers as well as an opportunity to meet those in similar
and different areas of business. *Fashion out code of best practice for brand managers and brand management consultants in Nigeria.To set standard and
promote professional development programes.