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The African Institute for Brand Management (AFRIBM)



The African Institute for Brand Management in an Independent Knowledge Institute in an area of Brand Management, Branding and Design Management.  The Institute  pursues the scientific Advancement in Brand Management and Branding.  It accomplishes it by forming teams of scholars from leading Institute and
organization around Africa to focus on researching issues in Brand Management and Branding.

Afribm conduct research, organizes events, publish reports, recommends solution and work with decision makers to develop its research agenda. In the area of research, Africa focus on scientific application oriented research and has a Brand Leadership Index (BLI) and Brand Communication Monitor (BCM).


To advance knowledge and insight in Branding and Brand Management practices as a profession through research, education event publication and induct in and regulate in of members.


Afribm's philosophy is based on three pillars:

(1) Value Creation as a key

(2) Brand Leadership Conceptual Models and

(3) An Africa Focus. The Following provides a Summary of these Principles.

In the past, the fields of Brand Management and Branding have each developed them as a concept, models and techniques. In spite of these developments, these disciplines clearly have a common basis. Afribm Objective is to combine knowledge insights from these disciplines in order to find new insight. In doing so, Afribm adheres to the basic principles that comprises and institution can only be successfully if they know how to establish their both internally as well as externally. With other in the field of research, education or consulting, Afribm differentiates itself in its approach by working with conceptual models. Although such models cannot always fully explain or illustrate practical solution they can significantly increase managers, the understanding of reality. In addition, to the use of externally developed models, Afribm, itself has developed various conceptual models, such as the Brand-Value Monitor-a model in which the added value of a brand for consumers and brand owners is expressed-and
the Brand reputation Grid, a model in the area of internet Branding,


Development in the field Brand Management, Branding and design Management have sky rocketed in recent years, whereby the African perspective has become increasingly important. Afribm helps Management keep relevant knowledge and insights up to day.